Get to know us

Who we are. 

The Smudgment Society is a collective of artists that smudges your sense of judgment.

What we do.

We propose interactive and collaborative projects that dynamically engage with the audience. Through the combination of different mediums, from performance to digital storytelling we explore the nuances of our society. 

What we believe in.

Everyone has a right to human connection.

Everyone connects differently.

We believe in creating a platform where artists can collaboratively make projects, an interactive medium to allow the coming together and fearless creation of art.


A place where you are centre stage.

Our commitment. 

The Smudgment Society is committed to envision a brighter future for everyone. 

We aim for sustainable practice accessible and educational. 

We don't care who or what you are we only care about what you want to create and how to share it with others. 

Why we are fun. 

The Smudgment Society will pick a theme and design a project. We then make an open call for artists to respond.  A total of 10 artists will be selected and matched to work together in pairs. The projects will then be posted on our social media pages and our website. Our intent is to promote emerging artists.


Whether you have a pile of scripts gathering dust or a collection of blank canvasses. We won't judge.

It's not about then, it's about now.